Every single patient matters.


Cycle Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2012 with the sole aim of delivering best-in-class drug treatments and services to the under-served rare disease patient community.

We focus on rare metabolic, immunological and neurological genetic conditions. Within neurological conditions, we focus on multiple sclerosis. Our patients typically require life-long treatment with life-saving medicine. Frequent and forever drug treatment can significantly impact the quality-of-life of patients. It can also impact the life of their family and other caregivers. Cycle’s approach is to utilise the latest cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies to deliver the required medicine with the minimum impact on daily routines and, just as importantly, to provide individualised support services to patients, families, carers and the healthcare professionals community. We are here to answer your questions and to help you. Every single patient matters.

Best-in-class drug treatment for each rare disease patient is at the heart of what we do – be it personally ensuring a drug is on-site at a hospital for a newborn infant diagnosed with a rare disease, interacting with patients and their families at camps organised by rare disease patient advocacy groups or presenting at meetings of our board of directors. Every single patient matters.