Interviewing at Cycle

While we want to learn more about you and what you can bring to Cycle, you too need to ensure that Cycle is the right company for you.

Joining the Cycle team

Our work is challenging yet rewarding – we set out to address some of the rarest health challenges across the globe, so if you’re driven, committed and aspire to embrace these challenges alongside us, we would love you to join the Cycle team.

We want to ensure you bring the best version of yourself to your interview with us so here are some hints and tips to maximise your chances when you apply:

  • Use your network and online resources to find out more about us
  • Be responsive and forthcoming to any correspondence pre, during and post interview
  • Check your application for grammatical errors and ensure the most up to date contact details are provided
  • Ensure your cover letter is aligned to the job you are interviewing for and focused on relevant parts of the job description
  • Recognise your own strengths and passions – you shouldn’t over sell yourself, remain grounded and consider the skills you know you excel in and what your aspirations and goals are for the future
  • Preparation is key! You should ensure that you know the job description, company information and determine the most relevant requirements and responsibilities for the position. Come prepared with specific answers to potential questions, both specific to the job itself as well as some behavioural examples, too. Feel free to bring reference notes with you if you need to
  • Build up a positive rapport with your interviewers; address them by name, match the conversational tone, avoid interrupting and speech fillers and most importantly, be confident and positive in your responses
  • Come prepared with questions for the end but also interject with new questions as they arise throughout. Your questions should demonstrate a genuine interest in the opportunity and provides a chance to further discuss elements of the job that may not have been covered
  • Listen to questions carefully
  • Speak succinctly and clearly, and keep check of your body language
  • Plan logistics in advance – organise your travel arrangements, what to wear, and make sure your IT systems are functional if preparing for an online interview. Having all this in hand will allow things to run smoothly on the day
  • Reach out to the hiring team for more information if required – we are here to help!