Cycle Pharmaceuticals Launches Cycle Vita, a dedicated support platform for rare disease patients

BOSTON, Mass. – September 13th2021 – Cycle Pharmaceuticals (Cycle) is pleased to announce the launch of its Boston-based support platform for rare disease patients, Cycle Vita™.

Cycle Vita™ provides appropriate quality patient support programs to both Healthcare Providers and rare disease patients across the United States, who have been prescribed a Cycle treatment.

Cycle Vita is the ultimate expression of the heart of Cycle. At Cycle, we know that a patient’s wellbeing not only depends on life-changing therapy, but the care and support they receive throughout their treatment journey. That is why the Cycle Vita support platform provides individualized programs, led by a qualified, dedicated team of experts, to meet the needs of the underserved rare disease community.said Antonio Benedetti, CEO, Cycle.

Cycle Vita™ will provide appropriate clinical, financial* and emotional support to rare disease patients, as well as product information and support for healthcare professionals with relevant processes to access treatment efficiently.

“Cycle Vita has been developed with the idea of individualized patient care at its core. That’s why our nurse product support will be available 24/7, ready to provide appropriate personalized support to patients when they need it. Our team of Access specialists understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to navigate through all the paperwork and processes to access treatment for patients and can help appropriately streamline these processes from enrollment to prescription, and beyond.” said John Reid, Director of Patient Hub services.

Cycle Vita™ begins its journey launching support programs for SAJAZIR™ (icatibant) injection, for patients with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) providing 24/7 nurse product support, as well as Co-Pay, Bridge, and Quick start financial program support for eligible commercially insured patients.

To find out more about Cycle Vita™, please visit or call on +1 (888) 360-8482


*Eligibility criteria may apply to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state requirements, and benefits may be limited to commercially insured patients only.

Cycle Vita™ and SAJAZIR™ are trademarks of Cycle Pharmaceuticals Limited in the United States.

US-HUB-2100004 – Date of Preparation: September 2021


About Cycle Vita™

Cycle Vita™ is the product support platform created by Cycle Pharmaceuticals, with the goal of providing product support that appropriately complements the life-changing effects of Cycle treatments. We provide appropriate clinical, financial* and emotional product support to eligible rare disease patients. The Cycle Vita™ hub is based out of Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit or call on +1 (888) 360-8482 and follow us on Facebook.


About Cycle Pharmaceuticals

Cycle Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2012 with the sole aim of delivering best-in-class drug treatments and product support to the under-served rare disease patient community. We focus on rare metabolic, immunological, and neurological genetic conditions.  Cycle is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and has offices in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.



John Reid (Director of Patient Hub services)

Cycle Pharmaceuticals

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