Product Patent Information

Cycle provides patent information concerning its products on this web site, in accordance with 35 USC § 287(a) in the US and similar laws in the UK and EU. For each of the products listed below, the product is patented under, made under, or used under one or more of the patents listed with the product name.

The patent information displayed on this page is believed to be accurate as of the most recent update of the page but should not be considered exhaustive. In particular, the omission of a particular patent from a product’s entry on this page is not a representation or admission by Cycle that that patent does not cover the product; nor does the absence of any listing on this page for a specific Cycle product constitute a representation or admission by Cycle that that product is unpatented. In addition, although Cycle has attempted to keep the information on this page reasonably current, certain patents listed on this page may have expired since the page was last updated.

Products and the associated patent information:

NITYR® (nitisinone)

U.S. Patent No. 1,0328,029
WO 2015/101794
EU EP 3089740

Tascenso ODT®  (fingolimod) U.S. Patent No. 10,925,829; 10,555,902; and 9,925,138.