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Who we are

Cycle Pharmaceuticals is a pioneering pharmaceutical company, reimagining how orphan drugs can benefit patients with rare diseases, to improve the efficacy of their treatments and their quality of life at every stage.
We’re not bound by precedent. Instead, we target overlooked areas of medicine, and market imbalance, where we can make an immediate, tangible difference to patients. By addressing orphan diseases’ treatment issues with cutting-edge expertise and a fresh, bold approach, we make a difference to patients’ lives.
Because our investors are long-term thinkers, we can put patients first. We speak to patients, parents, caregivers, healthcare practitioners and patient associations, to ensure that their needs are central to our work. Whether it’s improving under-developed drugs, or supplying markets where demand is increasing prices and restricting access, we’re here to get patients with rare diseases the treatment they need.

Improving orphan drugs

Orphan drugs, or drugs for rare diseases, are treatments not cures – patients may have to take these medications every day for the rest of their lives. This means that any improvement in treatment is invaluable.

Repurposing drugs

There are also many existing drugs that, in being used to treat the initial approved indication, are found to also have an impact on other medical issues. By introducing a molecule to a disease, we are able to create an impact comparable to a new discovery.
At Cycle, we’re always working to develop, optimise and advance these products, to change the treatment landscape, provide patients with greater choice, and improved efficacy of their treatments.

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